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    • ebasicpower.com : Cylinder Heads - All Applications Marine Transmissions and Parts | Borg Warner Velvet Drive | ZF Hurth | Paragon Chris Craft Inboards Caterpillar Diesel Inboards Chrysler Inboards Crusader Inboards Cummins Diesel Inboards Detroit Diesel Parts Engines (Inboard Sterndrive) Indmar Inboards Mercruiser Sterndrives Mercruiser Inboards Marine Power Inboards Outboard Parts OMC ...
    • Oct 09, 2013 · Hemi prefers the fact the engine had hemispherical combustion chamber roofs. Other engines did and do but nobody markets it like Chrysler. Number two, the 69 Camaro ZL-1, just 69 were made.
    • Common big-chamber head, not a lightweight casting; sim to 487; may have steam holes Alternative marking for 882; see I, above Late-model lightweight casting version of 882 Late-model 305 Documents Similar To Chevy SB Cylinder Head ID Guide. Carousel Previous Carousel Next.
    • This deals with the age old question of using 2.02 intake valves over 1.94 and what you MUST do when converting them in terms of unshrouding the combustion c...
    • The principle of the internal combustion engine has not changed in the last 100 years. The engine takes in fuel and air which are compressed in a combustion chamber.
    • I've currently got 64cc size combustion chamber heads on my 350, would I get any benfit by going up to say 882 heads with a 76cc size combustion chamber? I'm just wondering cause I'm blowing major smoke from my PCV valve and figure a rebuild is in order soon. Thanks
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    • With closed-chamber heads, every 0.010 inch machined off drops the chamber volume by 1.3 to 1.4 cc. Flat milling (as conventional head milling is called) of heads then leaves us with chambers at best 4.5 to 7 cc smaller. What this means is that flat milling usually only gets the heads to the 60-cc chamber volume point.
    • BIKE BUYS 1967 BSA 441 Victor W hen you ride a 441 Victor single, it feels like each explosion in the combustion chamber sends the bike twenty feet down the road. It's a big thumper, pure and simple. Like many British twowheeled machines of this era, the 441 Victor's rugged good looks ooze character in a bulldog fashion.
    • Jan 21, 2013 · The head’s intake port design optimizes performance, efficiency and emissions by promoting greater charge motion of the intake air and a more complete burn of the air/fuel mixture. Sodium-filled exhaust valves are designed for the higher combustion temperatures of the turbo system.
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    • I would like to bump my motor up some. My motor is a sbc 350 and has an eagle rotating assembly with 4.000 bore x 3.480 stroke and 882 heads (76cc combustion, 160cc intake, 1.94/1.5 valves...so stock. I have been planning on a set of aluminum heads, 70cc combustion chamber,180cc intake runner...
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    • I believe that the 882 heads have the square edged combustion chamber, which destroys swirling in the chamber and causes excess heating and spark knock inside the chamber. Going to a vortech head or any other decen heart shaped combustion chamber head will help. When I get richer and have money to spend on my S10 again, I will get vortech heads and a new intake for them. I hear they are the cheapest power heads available if you want to run a tranny dipstick and alterntator/PS pump.
    • Yes, that's right, the Explorers got Cobra heads (although the Cobra's heads were milled to bring it's larger combustion chamber down to the size of the E7TE to keep compression up). Similar runner volumes to the standard GT-40 head (around 145-155cc on the intake side, I think, compared to E7TE's 124cc).
    • The 882's have 2.02 intakes and 1.60 exhausts. The chamber size is 76cc. They are pocket ported on the exhaust side and have a fresh 3 angle valve job. I would expect to see around 9.0 to 1 compression with a .015" thick head gasket. I know the 882 heads would allow me to run 89 octane fuel but I am really not worrying too much about the fuel.
    • The fuel passes through both chambers before being fed to the, combustion chamber. In practicing the present invention, the fuel enters the housing as a liquid and exits as a liquid therefrom. The temperature within the housing varies from ambient conditions to less than about 100'C.
    • Feb 16, 2007 · This version had angle plug configuration, 2.02/1.60" valves, 64CC combustion chambers. These were known as the "Turbo" heads. Basically if you cant run a vortech style head, and have to run a stock head, this would be a good casting to use. 292cfm out of one of those heads must have been extensively modified, wow.
    • lets look at your question, given identical 350 displacement engines with flat top pistons and a common .032 thick head gasket, a .023 deck and 5cc valve notches, heres what your going to see in STATIC COMPRESSION,as a result of combustion chamber changes 58cc=10.61/1 60cc=10.36/1 62cc=10.12/1 64cc=9.89/1 68cc=9.47/1 72cc=9.09/1 74cc=8.91/1 ...
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    • The ports are evenly spaced on both the exhaust and intake sides of the heads. Chevrolet stock heads have siamese ports on both sides. This means that the port size and shape are the same port-to-port on the Ford heads. This is critical on high performance motors. The Chevy ports have nice internal shapes but are different lengths!
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    • 428 cj heads All kinds of car parts at AmericanListed.com classifieds - buy and sell new and used car parts. Local auto classifieds across USA. Find a wide variety of car parts - mufflers, transmissions, shocks, drive-shafts and more
    • Common big-chamber head, not a lightweight casting; sim to 487; may have steam holes Alternative marking for 882; see I, above Late-model lightweight casting version of 882 Late-model 305 Documents Similar To Chevy SB Cylinder Head ID Guide. Carousel Previous Carousel Next.
    • As an oil breaks down it combines with combustion chamber residue from blowby gasses to form sludge. High detergent oils dissolve this sludge and hold it in suspension. In addition, as an engine wears small pieces of metal, rubber, and plastic end up in the bottom of the oil pan.
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Dad cracked a head back in the 80's out in the desert and it got replaced. Combustion chamber and valves are the same. Only difference may be the actual port intake size as well as the coolant openings seem a little different too. The principle of the internal combustion engine has not changed in the last 100 years. The engine takes in fuel and air which are compressed in a combustion chamber.
Aug 07, 2014 · These aftermarket performance firms take the time to study the OE heads in terms of port volumes, port angles, valve angles, airflow and combustion chamber design and continue to tweak and improve, taking what GM did to another level. First, we’ll take a look at the OE cylinder heads designed for the increasingly popular LS platform.
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GM 882 Iron The smallest of the GM heads we tested at only 151 cc, the 882, turned out to be the best-flowing of the early iron heads. This head was tested with the 1.94/1.50 valves. But be aware...
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Chevy 882 heads combustion chamber

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These heads have open combustion chambers and are cut for the large 2. low compression 10. 800'' valve. Aluminum cylinder heads reduced the 427 big-block’s overall weight by 70 pounds compared to the iron head versions. Small chamber heads with big valves and bowl work are worth 25 hp over large chamber heads with big valves and bowl work.

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