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    • This vulnerability has been received by the NVD and has not been analyzed. NVD score not yet provided. NVD Analysts use publicly available information to associate vector strings and CVSS scores. We also display any CVSS information provided within the CVE List from the CNA. Note: NVD Analysts have ...
    • Apr 01, 2020 · Experts published PoC exploits for CVE-2020-0796 privilege escalation flaw on Windows Posted on April 1, 2020 by SecurityAffairs.co Researchers published PoC exploits for the CVE-2020-0796 Windows flaw, tracked as SMBGhost, that can be exploited for local privilege escalation. …
    • Aftermath2020 #001 with @xer0dayz – Live Bug Bounty Recon with Sn1per Professional March 31, 2020 Sn1per Professional v8.0 Brute Force Add-on Released! March 11, 2020
    • 他にもCalicoはCVE-2020-13597、DockerはCVE-2020-13401、などとそれぞれCVE-IDがアサインされています。 このIssueの説明を読んで、はいはいあれね完全に理解した、と思って一旦閉じました。
    • CVE-2020-15174 (HIGH 7.5/10): In Electron before versions 11.0.0-beta.1, 10.0.1, 9.3.0 or 8.5.1 the `will-navigate` event that apps use to prevent navigations to unexpected destinations as per our security...
    • 2020年3月12日微软确认在Windows 10最新版本中存在一个影响SMBv3协议的严重漏洞,并分配了 我们先来分析下代码,POC程序和smb建立连接后,首先会通过调用函数OpenProcessToken获取本程序的Token,获得的Token偏移地址将通过压缩数据发送到SMB服务器中在内核驱.
    • ZBX-11023 quick autopsy When I was reading descriptions of bugs at VulDB I found that there is an SQL injection vulnerability in Zabbix (<2.2.13 and <3.0.4) . I decided that it will be a good exercise to write a small proof-of-concept for that bug.
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    • BZ - 1836786 - CVE-2020-10748 keycloak: top-level navigations to data URLs resulting in XSS are possible (incomplete fix of CVE-2020-1697) BZ - 1850004 - CVE-2020-11023 jQuery: passing HTML containing <option> elements to manipulation methods could result in untrusted code execution
    • Jun 01, 2020 · The vulnerability is classified as a code injection vulnerability and has assigned identifier CVE-2020-3956. The severity of this vulnerability was evaluated by VMware as “important” with a CVSSV3 score of 8.8, as an attacker can affect other private clouds on the Cloud provider.
    • cve-2020-11023 In jQuery versions greater than or equal to 1.0.3 and before 3.5.0, passing HTML containing <option> elements from untrusted sources - even after sanitizing it - to one of jQuery's DOM manipulation methods (i.e. .html(), .append(), and others) may execute untrusted...
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    • Apr 28, 2020 · The 14th of April I w r ote about the recently released VMware Security Advisory (VMSA) VMSA-2020-0006 also known under its CVE name by CVE-2020-3952.At the time of writing that blogpost there weren’t any Proof of Concepts (PoC’s) available to show us what kind of information could be obtained through abusing the vulnerability.
    • Feb 24, 2020 · /* * LPE and RCE in OpenSMTPD's default install (CVE-2020-8794) * Copyright (C) 2020 Qualys, Inc. * * This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or ...
    • Oct 27, 2020 · Perch’s first sighting of recon and exploitation for CVE-2020-15505 occurred on Sep 24, 2020, just 3 days after the final PoC commits were added to GitHub. Perch has evidence that multiple threat actors are exploiting these bugs to take over critical assets and infiltrate internal networks.
    • Mar 31, 2020 · CVE-2020-0796 – CVE-2020-0796 Pre-Auth POC March 31, 2020 Comments Off on CVE-2020-0796 – CVE-2020-0796 Pre-Auth POC cybersecurity ethical hacking hack android hack app hack wordpress hacker news hacking hacking tools for windows keylogger kit kitploit password brute force penetration testing pentest pentest android pentest linux pentest ...
    • Mar 30, 2020 · CVE: CVE-2020-11561 Title: Privilege Escalation via Forceful Browsing About NCH express invoice software Express Invoice lets you create invoices you can print, email or fax directly to clients for faster payment. The reporting functionality allows you to keep track of payments, overdue accounts, sales team performance and more.
    • 2015-04-07 : CVE-2015-1415.txt - FreeBSD 10.x ZFS encryption.key disclosure 2015-04-17 : 2015-iptime-0x00.txt - 112 ipTIME Routers/WiFi APs/Modems/Firewalls models vulnerable with RCE with root privileges 2015-07-01 : 2015-iptime-0x00-PoC-firmware.pre.9.52-current.process.html 2015-07-01 : 2015-iptime-0x00-PoC-firmware.pre.9.52-default.firewall.rules.html 2015-07-01 : 2015-iptime-0x00-PoC ...
    • CVE-2020-16898 | Windows TCP/IP远程执行代码漏洞风险通告,POC已公开,腾讯御界支持检测 2020-10-14 10:05:42 Windows TCP / IP堆栈不正确地处理ICMPv6 Router Advertisement(路由通告)数据包时,存在一个远程执行代码漏洞。
    • 16th January 2020: CVE verification tool: 17th January 2020: Update to Citrix ADC and Citrix Gateway 12.1 responder policy issue: 19th January 2020: Announced release of 12.0 and 11.1 builds. Announced earlier release dates for other versions. 22nd January 2020: Announced fixes for SD-WAN WANOP appliances: 23rd January 2020
    • Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2020 23:26:40 -0300 From: Dawid Golunski <[email protected]> To: [email protected] Subject: Git LFS (git-lfs) - Remote Code Execution (RCE) exploit CVE-2020-27955 - Clone to Pwn /* Go PoC exploit for git-lfs - Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability CVE-2020-27955 git-lfs-RCE-exploit-CVE-2020-27955.go Discovered by Dawid Golunski https://legalhackers.com ...
    • K66544153: jQuery vulnerability CVE-2020-11023. Security Advisory. Original Publication Date : Aug 04, 2020 Updated Date: Aug 06, 2020. ( CVE-2020-11023 ). Impact. Attackers may be able to pass HTML containing <option> elements resulting in untrusted code execution.
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    • The weakness was shared 10/20/2020 as Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - October 2020. The advisory is shared for download at oracle.com. This vulnerability is traded as CVE-2020-11023 since 03/30/2020. The exploitability is told to be easy. It is possible to launch the attack remotely.
    • CVE: CVE-2020-10245 [6] ... 2.0 Software update available 25.03.2020 3.0 Public POC known 01.04.2020 . Title: Advisory 2020-03 Author: Matthias Maier Created Date:
    • Feb 24, 2020 · /* * LPE and RCE in OpenSMTPD's default install (CVE-2020-8794) * Copyright (C) 2020 Qualys, Inc. * * This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or ...
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May 12, 2020 · We promised you there would be a Part 1 to FaxHell, and with today’s Patch Tuesday and CVE-2020-1048, we can finally talk about some of the very exciting technical details of the Windows Print Spooler, and interesting ways it can be used to elevate privileges, bypass EDR rules, gain persistence, and more. Apr 08, 2019 · Null pointer dereference in function agroot() : graphviz2.39.20160612.1140 Loginsoft-2019-1111 8 April, 2019 CVE Number CVE-2019-11023 CWE CWE-476: NULL Pointer Dereference Product Details Graph visualization is a way of representing structural information as diagrams of abstract graphs and networks.
For CVE-2020-11022 and CVE-2020-11023 this is a false positive. The vulnerability can occur when jQuery processes HTML <option> element from untrusted source. In XG we are not processing any HTML from untrusted source using jQuery so this vulnerability cannot occur. Related information more information on CVE-2020-11022
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CVE-2020-8694. Published: 10 November 2020. Insufficient access control in the Linux kernel driver for some Intel(R) Processors may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable information disclosure via local access. From the Ubuntu security team.
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Nov 09, 2020 · Recently, the Apache Tomcat WebSocket DoS vulnerability (CVE-2020-13935) PoC has been made public. Apache officially disclosed the vulnerability on July 14, 2020. The vulnerability exploitation tool has been made public. To prevent your system from being affected, we recommend that you conduct a security self-inspection in a timely manner.

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