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    • Jan 25, 2018 · Hi Sahaj. I'm Greg, an installation specialist and 8 year Windows MVP, here to help you. In an Intel/Nvidia switchable graphics configuration the Nvidia software normally governs the switching. So make sure it's always updated with the full Nvidia driver software which is allowed to Start wtih Windows - something I don't normally advise with driver software except when it has exactly these ...
    • NOTE: Great thanks to spaceinvaderone for creating macosinabox dockerapp. Helped immensely in getting the VM initially installed. Then just had to edit the xml of the VM to passthrough one of the onboard usb 3.0 controllers & AMD HD 7870 GPU to the VM. VMware ESXI nested VM: Running vCenter VM nested for my other ESXI hosts on my network.
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    • Hello LTT community I have some interesting new to share with the tech community and what better place to share it than here. I have been doing a lot of research on hypervisors and specifically GPU pass through to virtual machines, in my research i have found a number of skeptical and contradicto...
    • Nov 26, 2014 · Hi, vSphere doesn't need bare metal hardware, it runs also vrtualized platform like VMware workstaton. Thats no probleem at all. I'm running vSphere ESXi 6.5 on my Qnap now. I've used the IDE Controller and the Intel Gigabit Ethernet Network Controller. But I still can't run 64Bit VM's in de vSphere environment.
    • Proxmox Intel Gpu Passthrough
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    • The graphics card is only in their so I can have a display out on my second monitor as without thinking I got a CPU with no integrated graphics at all. Luckily I had one lying around from one of my old builds so I just slotted that in. Now you have an idea as to what is running lets have a look at what services I want to deploy.
    • GPU passthrough allows native graphics performance in the virtual machine which opens up new possibilities. amd drivers. However, if you have issues using your Intel integrated graphics card and have an additional, dedicated graphics card. Additional scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (x64) Version: 21.
    • Jul 23, 2010 · The conclusions are that SageTV can run on VMware ESXi, and also VMware ESX 3.5. You can use a HD-PVR to stream video into a virtual server by connecting it to a Lantronics UBox-2100. You can even watch live tv on PlaceShifter and MVPs.
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    • Hey Everyone. I recently acquired a place to put my server with a 10gb connection (I work at this place. Got approval from my VP/Boss!). I'm not going to get into the details of how I pulled that off! I'll try to keep this short. I'm also a Systems Engineer and Network Engineer by profession as...
    • Plex can use the “QuickSync” dedicated video encode/decode hardware on the integrated GPU to encode or decode video. All I would have to do is use the PCIe pass-through capability of ESXi to pass the integrated GPU through to the Plex VM to offload the encode/transcode heavy-lifting from the CPU.
    • GPU passthrough is a technology that allows you to directly present an internal PCI GPU to a virtual machine. The device acts as if it were directly driven by the VM, and the VM detects the PCI device as if it were physically connected.
    • Nov 08, 2019 · Adding Nvidia GPU Support to Plex Docker. ... After that is done you must prepare your system for passthrough to Plex/Emby. ... I running a box via ESXI and ubuntu 16 ...
    • Supermicro SuperServer Workstation Graphics Card selection revisited, featuring VMware ESXi 6.5 passthrough testing of HHHL PCIe GPUs. if you turn SR-IOV on or off in the BIOS, you'll need to reconfigure passthrough in your ESXi host, reboot, then re-add the PCI devices back to your VM...
    • Mar 25, 2015 · 1) gaming VM for steam in home streaming for the wife/guests. will pass through my gpu here along with some usb ports in case someone wants to dock 2) plex server 3) File server 4) Domain controller (practice my GPO skills) 5) test vms It is my understanding that I will need AMDvi / IOMMU support to run ESXi.
    • When you mention "P400", is that a Quadro P400 GPU? If so, was it "plug & play" after standard esxi passthrough configuration, or were additional measures required? They are available < $100, so considerable cost savings vs Quadro P2000. Common use case for Quadro P2000 seems to be plex servers providing transcoding streams to friends/family.
    • Find answers to ESXi 5.5 pci passthrough for dedicated video from the expert community at Experts Exchange. They recommend some form of dedicated GPU.
    • Welcome to the FreeBSD Wiki! Information on how to access and contribute can be found in AboutWiki.
    • Aug 12, 2017 · Fwiw I did end up adding a shed load of GPU's into the esxi lab and testing gpu passthrough on the x399-a. I had passthrough running on Vega, RX570, RX560, RX550 & RX480. So can confirm that this does work but there are some esxi config files that need tweaking to make it seamless.
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    • GPU-/USB-Passthrough-VM; APCUPSD-VM) Backup&Game-Server: TR 1920X, X399D8A-2T, 64GB, HBA Perc200i (IT mode), TitanXp, 8TB HDD, 120GB SSD, Mellanox ConnectX-4 Dual 100Gbit, , USB3-PCIe-HostCard, Seasonic Prime Ultra 850 Titanium, InterTech 4U-4429, (ESXi6.7b; Main-VMs
    • NOTE: Great thanks to spaceinvaderone for creating macosinabox dockerapp. Helped immensely in getting the VM initially installed. Then just had to edit the xml of the VM to passthrough one of the onboard usb 3.0 controllers & AMD HD 7870 GPU to the VM. VMware ESXI nested VM: Running vCenter VM nested for my other ESXI hosts on my network.
    • I have built a new server to use for GPU passthrough to my TV. Before this I was using a Dell T1600 motherboard. I installed ESXI 6.5 and WIndows 10 onto an ssd and passed my HD 7870 to the TV worked like a dream.
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Feb 19, 2017 · I have it installed in an ESXI host with PCI passthrough to an ubuntu server. I see the devices in lspci but I get the same errors in dmesg and the card does not tune (scanning channels in plex). w_scan gives me : ” FATAL: ***** NO USEABLE TERRESTRIAL CARD FOUND. ” 🙁 Plex rocks! Late to the party but just installed the Plex app on a 4 year old Samsung TV to access media on a PC and its brilliant, just like what the hacks for the old WDTV Live looked like, and the TV series main page with theme music is very cool.
Oct 19, 2013 · If you are going to install VMware vCenter 5.5 on 2012 R2, you will need to copy "ocsetup.exe" from ether Server 2012 or 2008R2 as they deprecated the command in 2012 R2.
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Jan 17, 2016 · My streaming devices involve the 3 Chromecasts, multiple android tablets and phones with the Plex app and Chrome browser itself. usually 2-3 streams max here. The biggie is the chromecast in the living room. My idea is to, turn my media server into strictly a file host and upgrade the ESXi host to a 8 core AMD FX. And give Plex 8 core of the FX ...
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