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    • Fuel injection systems are designed to primarily meter fuel, atomize fuel, and _____. inject fuel at the proper time The degree of fuel atomization in a diesel engine cylinder depends primarily on __________.
    • Battery is strong, but I have to crank the engine for 3-4 seconds instead of the usual 1 second to start the engine. Thought it might be fuel filter, but searched and found it's in the tank as part of the fuel pump assembly. Recently had fuel tank seal recall done, but my issue with starting was happening before this.
    • Recommended torque wrench settings for Audi ur-quattro engines in Newton metres (or Newton meters) and pound feet (lb ft) The UK quattro Network The UK's mobile Audi 5-cylinder mechanic - 07833 654800 , 24x7
    • Fuel Delivery Systems:You may have chosen one of the two optional Fuel Delivery System Kits from FiTech. In-structions come with each kit. If using other fuel delivery components you must use a 30-micron filter ahead of the fuel inlet fitting on the Fitech throttle body. Wide Band O2Sensor:This is the key component of any EFI system.
    • Aug 25, 2015 · I know when you're setting up an ECU for the first time it seems like you need everything 100% nailed down before you ever turn the key for the first time, however that's not strictly true. It's useful to have an idea where the trigger offset should be, but the easiest option is to disable the fuel injection and crank the engine with a timing ...
    • Fuel pressure leak-down with no external signs of leakage is an-other common problem on the CPI system. Like most injection systems, leak-down can result in long crank times or a stumble af-ter restart. A quick way to isolate the cause of a leak-down problem on this system is to cycle the key and allow the fuel pump to run for a couple of ...
    • Fuel injection systems are designed to primarily meter fuel, atomize fuel, and _____. inject fuel at the proper time The degree of fuel atomization in a diesel engine cylinder depends primarily on __________.
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    • Dec 23, 2016 · The FiTech has a internal regulator for the fuel so you always run a perfect pressure and you can adjust the timing with the Power Adder FiTechs, so no retard box or Ign Box update needed! The 6AL Box /HEI dizzies are easy to hook up to a fitech system and the TUNE and setting will be easily set by the Handheld.
    • Fitech Fault Codes List
    • I've slowly increased the crank fuel and afterstart fuel settings at 65F and 170F until they were maxed out with no noticeable changes in firing. The unit did post P0505 IAC fault codes on 3 occasions now and Bryce at Fitech is supposed to be sending me a new IAC.
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    • Still crank reads out of sync , still have extended crank when cold , still have the bog . The truck is pretty much numb with no power under the 3000 RPM range . Its kinda like driving a 2 stroke once the RPMs come up over 3000 or so then the power comes right on and truck pulls hard with lots of power .
    • The Decel fuel amount (%) (TPSDQ) enrichment can be used to improve the economy of your vehicle. It reduces the amount of fuel injected when the TPS (and/or MAP) are decreasing. A decel fuel amount setting of 100% means no cut. 1% means reduce the pulse width by 99%, to 1% of what it normally would be.
    • Still, faulty injectors can't be overlooked or ignored for long. Dirty or worn-out injectors can also cause preignition or detonation [source: Carley].Detonation is a fairly common problem in which gas remaining at the end of the normal air/fuel burning cycle (which is set off by the spark plug) spontaneously combusts.
    • FiTech 71002 500HP LS Cathedral Port EFI System with In-Line Pump Kit; Package includes FiTech 70002 500HP LS Cathedral Port Self-Learning EFI System and FiTech 50001 In-Line Frame Mount EFI Fuel Pump Master Kit with Trans Controller;
    • Jun 04, 2019 · Turns over well, i hear the fitech inline pump turn on an give a shot of gas but will not start. if i turn key off and on a few times where it seems to get more gas to start up its fine. i have called fitech and helpful but still not luck. they told me to continue increasing age prime fuel, crank fuel 20/65/170. currently the prime fuel is at ...
    • Building horsepower with fuel injection probably means you'll be upgrading your throttle body to a larger size to flow more air and fuel. Choose from direct bolt on throttle bodies, 4 barrel style fuel injection throttle bodies to add fuel injection and complete EFI systems.
    • Nov 10, 2017 · This FiTech unit uses the ignition pulse to tell the computer when the engine is at TDC. If you have a V8, it then knows that there will be another intake stroke every 45 degrees of rotation (8 cylinders/360 degrees). Fuel injection controls idle speed by firing the injectors, and controlling the airflow, unlike a carb.
    • Title: Fuel Pump Author: clr Subject: Fuel Pump Created Date: 191051004094755
    • #85058 - steering crank/servo saver set Savage/Spare part for #87197 Servo Saver Set (Assembled) Spare part for #87197 Cam Type Servo Saver/Throttle Return Spring Set.
    • Mar 11, 2016 · The fuel command center is a self-contained sump tank that stores fuel for the EFI, meaning fuel slosh won't affect drivability – even with the factory fuel tank. FiTech Fuel Command Center One component of the FiTech system is the fuel command center, which is essentially a fuel sump tank that houses the high pressure fuel pump and a pair of ...
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    • Fuel Injector Failures. To test for leaking fuel injectors, remove the fuel rail and reconnect all the fuel lines. Repressurize the fuel system by cycling the ignition key to "run" once or twice. No fuel should flow or drip from the injectors. If the injectors are leaking from the tips, you can try to disassemble and clean them.
    • FITech Fuel Injection 31003 GoStreet EFI - Throttle Body Master Kit 400 HP Natur. $1,093.40. Free shipping . FITech Fuel Injection 80113 Inline EFI Fuel Filter 30 ...
    • FiTech 70012 500HP EFI Intake with Engine & Transmission Controller For LS3/L92 Rectangular Port Engines making up to 500HP. Works with 24X or 58X reluctor 6.2l suitable for 4L60, 4L65, 4L70, or 4L80;
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Place a container at the end of the fuel line and crank the engine a few revolutions. If little or no fuel flows from the line, either the fuel pump is inoperative or the line is plugged. Blow through the lines with compressed air and try the test again. Lets say the stock fuel system had a 30% duty cycle at this setting. The new system will have a 15% duty cycle and flow the same amount of fuel. What we have gained though is the fuel control system has now been extended to support double the power. The air fuel ratio will still be controlled as before so you will not be too lean or too rich.
First off, what is welding a crank? This process refers to the actual welding of the pins that hold the pieces of the crank together. As with most 2 stroke cranks, the XLT crank is pressed together with large pins. If any of the pins slip, the crank will then be out of index and can cause a simple poor running condition if the slip is
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Ok guys, here is our issue. When my buddy and i first got to Korea, we had a 6.0L in the shop for a year that the previous crew couldnt figure out why it wouldnt start. Within a day we narrowed it down to the HPOP. Well, that was correct, the old HPOP was seized up. Anyway, we just finally...
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The HowStuffWorks article on car engines shows you where the sump is -- it's the area below the crank shaft. In a wet sump, the oil that you put into the engine is stored beneath the crankshaft in the oil pan. This pan has to be large and deep enough to hold four to six quarts of oil -- think about two 3-liter bottles of soda and you can see ...

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