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    • We put the 'POWER' in Powersports. Monster Fuel Injection - Dominant ECU Reprogramming for all ATV, UTV, SxS, Roadsters. If it goes fast... We make it faster.
    • An ECU stands for engine control unit, or also known as PCM (powertrain control module.) In layman's terms, this little do-dad is a small computer that communicates with the engine and determines almost everything which makes your engine something to boast about. We offer: 1-Year warranty; Local Saving - Save extra on local purchases; More...
    • An ECU that is going bad can cause the vehicle to die, but allow it to restart. There are two modes to the ECU: full drivability and limp mode. In limp mode, the ECU has detected a problem and gives you just enough power to limp to the dealership. You will want to have a diagnostic run on the vehicle once you have it in the service department.
    • Feb 02, 2010 · A4 is a great car but least reliable and also has carbon issues (maybe less then IS250), TSX is cheap entry level and its FWD-biased whereas all others are RWD-biased and available in AWD form. So I think the winner here is G37, if you can afford to spend more IS350 is good too.
    • N2MB Racing, NP Complete Performance, WOT Box, 2-Step, Code Scrubber, P0846, P0871, P0888, Toybox, SRT-4, EVO, WRX
    • Technosqaure releases ECU flash for other 370Z models. Last Post 26 Apr 2009 09:12 PM by 370z4ken. 6 Replies. Sort: Prev Next: You are not authorized to post a reply. ...
    • Let us know what model ECU you are working with and we will advise you accordingly, we may need the factory part #s found on your ECU, ECM, TCU, TCM or BCM, or what ever you have, in order to give you accurate info. Call us with your part #s 800 241 6689 or text us at 903 216 6456. Rebuilt ECM sales, ECU repair w/ 5 year warranty
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    • Will work with any KA/SR using a Altima or Sentra ECU and will work on ANY VG/RB using a G35 ECU just a few extra wires and L28 in the works as well. Lots of work ahead but this is a good start! Will be making conversion harnesseses for these to be plug and play with a few extra wires.
    • hondata (rf-acrd-18) stage 1 ecu reflash / engine management system / honda accord (2018-19) 2.0l turbo engine *** local customers only *** basic installation included *** custom dyno tuning available *** hondata
    • Infinit G37 ECM ECU PCM. Infiniti G37 Engine Computer. Repair & Return. Infiniti G37 ECM Repair. SIA Electronics has many other repairs available. (800)737-0915 This is a repair & return for your Infiniti G37 ECM ECU PCM. *LIFETIME WARRANTY *Free return shipping *Fast turnaround time. Photo is a stock photo and may not fully represent the item ...
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    • the reverse process of flashing. So now let’s talk about “Flashing,” and what is actually occurring during this process. Just like with the ROM Dump process, when you flash your ECU, you’re using EcuTek’s ProECU software to exchange information between your laptop and the car’s ECU. But flashing the
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    • When it comes to automotive electronics CARDONE has you covered. from Sensors and Modules to Controllers, Clusters, Throttle Bodies, and more! Our broad line of products cover all makes and models and meets or exceeds OE performance.
    • The Infiniti ECU chip invigorates this model from a drab look and slow moving car into a faster car that leaves the dust in its wake. The new Infiniti power chip will strengthen the engine set up of this car to a level that is without unnecessary noise, too much knocking and excess fuel spillage.
    • Experience JB4 Performance Tuning. What is a JB4? The JB4 is a plug and play tune available for turbocharged vehicles. The JB4 tuner installs between your cars sensors and it's DME/ECU (computer) and manipulates vehicle performance through these connections making your vehicle much faster.
    • Many of our customers ask, “Will your product void my vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty?” Superchips is committed to providing quality products that are safe to use. Our products do not cause damage to a vehicle when used as intended in accordance with the User Manual and should not void your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty. However, the reality is …
    • An Infiniti G37performance chip generates power to this mid size luxury car. The ECU chip on the car upgrades the curve progression of the model making it easier to maneuver even the sharpest of corners. With the power chip the Infiniti G37 is able to run on the rock-strewn mountains of Texas with no stab. The Infiniti G37 performance chip has introduced a rebooting system on the ECU computer and now this model is able to restart itself on the engine front incase of any needless hiccups.
    • G37 Starting Issue Help. Close. 5 5. Posted by '11 Tech G37x Sedan 7AT ... that includes an ECU flash which can help too. level 2 '11 Tech G37x Sedan 7AT. Original ...
    • The real-time vehicle data is easily displayed with the help of a backlit view of X4 power flash. The information includes air-to-fuel ratio as well as an EGT sensor data. The X4 performance series is designed to create proven results. It is tested by dyno-proven data that increases engine performance as well as torque.
    • Nissan ECU chip tuning has been a consistent part of our tuning success since we started engine remapping and chip tuning over 20 years ago. Chiptuning NZ has consistently developed new chip tuning and ECU flashing upgrades for Nissan diesel and petrol engines to make significant and reliable power upgrades.
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    • N2MB Racing, NP Complete Performance, WOT Box, 2-Step, Code Scrubber, P0846, P0871, P0888, Toybox, SRT-4, EVO, WRX
    • Get the most out of your Toyota Tacoma’s performance by using a high-quality tuner. With this upgrade, you can make the necessary adjustments to your truck’s computer to help improve your driving experience.
    • G37 Starting Issue Help. Close. 5 5. Posted by '11 Tech G37x Sedan 7AT ... that includes an ECU flash which can help too. level 2 '11 Tech G37x Sedan 7AT. Original ...
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115.131: Flt.-Hyd. Res. Qty. Indicator: AR: 115.32: Combined Res. Qty. Indicator: AR: 124.341: APU RPM Indicator: AR: 3410: HP OxygenCheck Valve: AR: 4587: TaxiLamp: NEW The first time I tried to reset the ecu I unplugged the battery for 15min then I tried to start it with the battery unplugged, and then waited 10 more minutes. It ran a bit better then the light came on after 100miles :/ I'll try doin that one in a lil bit
This is true with the 60 series, but not the 62. The 60 series AMP receives the coil signal as a go-no-go, the 62 sends a signal to the ECU to tell the engine to speed up, and has a spur wire from the starter magnetic switch that tells it to disengage the clutch when the starter is engaged.
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Oct 02, 2018 · There may be occasions when your car turns over but won’t start.Basically, an engine needs three things to run smoothly – fuel, spark and compression. The engine depends on several other things to run smoothly such as fuel, ignition systems, etc.
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Mar 26, 2020 · CanH G37 White 16 pin 06 Red (DATA) OBDII D CanL G37 White 16 pin 14 White (DATA) OBDII D 12V G23 Black 07 pin 07 Green (+) Steering lock B Ignition G23 Black 07 pin 06 White (+) Steering lock B SLP G23 Black 07 pin 04 LtBlue (-) Steering lock B TX G47 White 30 pin 16 Green (DATA) Main body ECU A RX G47 White 30 pin 04 Red (DATA) Main body ECU A

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