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    • tried searching but i might need more specific detail. its the 15A fuse behind the glove box, the one on the left. happens when i turn on the ignition, couple seconds after, its blown. if i unplug all the plugs from the ecu, it wont blow. i checked all the wires on the ecu plug, nothings wrong...
    • Hey all, I've got a 97 VS Calais Series II V8 and the engine fuse keeps blowing every time I switch the ignition to the on position. I took it to an auto elec and they couldn't find anything wrong, they replaced the fuse and it worked. But next morning it blew again. Any ideas as to what's...
    • Also, having the front diff unplugged and not blowing the fuse tells me that the short/issue is somewhere between the front diff connector and the front diff itself. I have inspected those wires the best I can without taking the front diff out and have not found any issues.
    • 20a fuse keeps blowing car won't start Questions not related to the fuel type, like Manual Gearbox, Body Work, Lights, Interior trim and Seats, Steering, Brakes, Beeping, Wheels and Tyres to be asked in this topic only.
    • My Keyless entry/alarm fuse keeps blowing. It doesn't blow right away. It will work for some time and then blows after driving it a few times. '01 C2 non Cabrio. I checked the ECU already for damp spots or water as I've read that in another post but they are dry.
    • May 27, 2013 · Honda - Accord :: 1993 - ECU Fuse Keeps Blowing. Honda Accord 93SE, ECU fuse keeps blowing, some one told me to check the relays. Which relays lay in this circuit, I seen another post that found he had the O2 sensor cable touching the manifold. View 1 Replies Golf IV / Jetta IV :: 2002 VR6 - Fuse 29 Keeps Blowing Out
    • Check the appropriate fuses before replacing any electrical components. Note : Always replace a fuse with one that has the specified amperage rating. Using a fuse with a higher amperage rating can cause severe wire damage and could start a fire.
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    • My 1991 Accord was running fine, (never winter driven), ECU fuse blew, changed it, now it blows as soon as the key is turned. I tried changing the fuel pump, distributor, but same prob. The computer under the passenger carpet is dry, and looks like new. No water damage. I also installed my fuel pump relay in a friends similar Accord, his started rite up! Here’s a vid on youtube I made. HELP ...
    • If the voltage regulator in the alternator is gone then you'll be getting voltage spikes, this could easily blow you headlight bulbs, and if you don't sort it you could end up frying the ECU too. Get a volt meter on it, should hold steady around 14.2 volts.
    • have a 95 jeep grand cherokee 5.2 v8 was on a light triail and my fuse 6 ECU/TRANS fuse keeps blowing cant find any shorts or burns will run sometimes for 30 minutes before blowing fuse sometimess after 5 minutes Need HELP!
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    • I think I've fried my ECU - help! Discussion in 'Dakar champion (950/990)' started by AmericanWalkabout, Jan 16, 2018. AmericanWalkabout, Jan 16, 2018 #1.
    • Nov 04, 2017 · ECU-B no. 1 fuse is blown. Car starts and runs fine. I have tried a used body control module from ebay. With no changes in symptoms. Airbag light on Seat belt light on Skid control light is on Tire pressure light is on Key fob does not work B1794 Open in occupant classification ECU battery positive line.
    • One is 5A for ECU power, the other is a 20A to power the fuel pump, injectors and coils. If you're blowing a 20A fuse, you have have a problem that should be addressed with some basic fault isolation. Putting a bigger fuse there "might" find it for you as the circuit the fuse is there to protect will smoke before the fuse can pop...
    • The ECU, or engine control unit, is a major component of your car's onboard computer. It's used to regulate many systems and subsystems in your car's engine, drive train and other major components. There are many symptoms that can be associated with a faulty ECU. Here are some ways to tell if yours is damaged or faulty. The Check Engine Light Is On
    • I have a 2008 V6 4WD Pathfinder that has started blowing the 10A A/T ECM fuse. This causes the truck to enter limp mode and lights the 4WD warning light on the dash. Does anyone have any experience with this issue and have a fix or work-around?
    • The alternator is controlled by the ECU and the ELD (an integral part of the "under dash fuse box". To make troubleshooting difficult, if not impossible in the driveway, one can do very little testing due primarily to the solid state ECU (do not check for continuity).
    • Feb 11, 2007 · I seem to keep blowing fuse #1 for no aparent reason. A few weeks ago I noticed a burning smell, almost like rotten fish. Did not know what it was, but then the radio went dead. (fuse 1 is the radio, cigarette lighter and the rear washer pump) pump stopped working ages ago but I did notice the stereo go dead, but I thought it was the deck.
    • Sep 12, 2017 · I've a problem with my Astra 1.4 Club (front fuse box only), the brake light fuse (f16) keeps blowing. I've replaced the brake switch and tested a known good one but the fuse keeps popping, I've also disconnected the rear wireing loom and this has made no difference. The fuse mostly blows when the engine is turned on.
    • A blown fuse can be annoying, but it actually helps prevent electrical damage and fire. Fortunately, fuses are inexpensive and easy to replace. Keep a few extra fuses on hand in your car or home so you can make a quick repair when necessary.
    • 1. Replace the factory Electronic Control Unit ( ECU ) with a full standalone ECU. This is why you will often read about how a piggy back ECU can only tune up to 500cc injectors, or is only good for 400 HP on a given engine, or you are fine as long as you keep the boost under 18 psi.
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    • ECU Tuning & Performance Electronics. Keep blowing the fog light fuse..? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. M. meatballz16 · Registered. Joined ...
    • Dec 28, 2020 · 3) Dual EFI Main Relays, ignition switch or ECU controlled. 4) Single contact EFI Main Relay, ECU controlled. Generally speaking, the EFI Main Relay supplies current to the following major circuits: • Injectors (dual relay or dual contact relay only) • Circuit opening relay (power contact and pull-in windings)
    • 1st I thought my alternator was bad so I replaced that. Then that didn't fix it so I find out my alternator fuse is out so I replaced it then my car worked fine. Took it for a drive around the block and I see my battery light go on, head back home and I check the fuse and it's out again. I think...
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I have a 1999 ch613 Mack with an e7 427 engine that keeps blowing the fuse for the ecu when I turn the key to the run position before I even start it. Im sure its a short somewhere, but I dont know where to start looking.Either you have a loose cable, a short somewhere or the wrong fuse. Do not change fuse rating other than what it specifies to.
Mar 24, 2008 · 1997 Land Rover Discovery, Fuse #8 keeps blowing. When it blows the passenger side exterior side and rear lights go out and also the instrument cluster. What causes the fuse to keep blowing every time I put in a new one? Optional Information: 1997 Land Rover Discover 4L V6 Already Tried: replaced bulbs and fuses
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My top left, under hood 15a fuse (ECU fuse) keeps blowing. I tried cleaning all of the connectors / plugs in the engine bay and I tried cleaning the ECU / thermostat I tried a main relay that I got from a junkyard awhile back. Fuse still blew. So either both were bad main relays, or I have a wiring problem...
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