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    • –Natasha x Reader–PG–The bar was empty, but you knew that’s how Natasha liked it. Priorties –Steve Rogers x Reader–Priority #1 is to stop Loki. The fact that you’re caught up in this chaos can’t distract Steve. He can’t afford to think about whether you’re hurt or kidnapped or worse.
    • Loki x Reader Masterlist N//SFW Fics are marked with a *゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・* *゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・* *゚:.。..。.:*・゚゚・* *゚ ...
    • Walking Disasters: The Hilarious Misfortunes of a Century Old Man and His Hothead Wife is a Bucky Barnes x reader series involving Bucky and his enhanced wife (the reader) getting into way too much trouble. The relationship is already established and each new addition to the series can be read in whichever order you want.
    • Avengers x reader - Loki x pregnant reader - Wattpad Family Emergency (Loki X Pregnant!Reader) Summary : Unbeknownst to the Avengers, excluding Thor, Loki had a lover – a very pregnant lover. They promised each other they would only meet in front of the team if it was an emergency, so when (Y/N) shows up in tears, Loki knows something is ...
    • Two Doves (Masterlist) Drafted into a war he didn’t want to fight, Flip Zimmerman comes home to a country that doesn’t want him. With your help, he works through it all. Flip Zimmerman x Reader. Also available on AO3! :) Chapter 1. Chapter 2. Chapter 3. Chapter 4. Chapter 5. Chapter 6
    • The Bachelor: Masterlist Oct. 22nd #masterlist #writing #marvel #marvel characters #spiderman #captain america #winter soldier #quicksilver #loki #tom holland #harrison osterfield #zendaya
    • Loki x reader. Warnings: none. Word count: 235. Summary: Loki comments on the reader’s knife-throwing skills. Authors Note: a little Loki imagine. Masterlist ^^^^^ Originally posted by 25bees “That’s not how you should hold your wrist.” Loki spoke, startling Y/n considering she thought she was alone.
    • Combustion of propane and butane
    • [Warnings] dark!steve rogers x reader, stripper!reader, ddlg, daddy!steve, abduction/kidnapping, mafia boss steve, murder/violence, a hint of peter x reader, hint of forced regression, sexy stuff, unprotected sex (wear condoms kiddos), hella angst . A/N: I do not stan lana del rey but I do stan off to the races :)
    • Loki x reader. Warnings: none. Word count: 235. Summary: Loki comments on the reader’s knife-throwing skills. Authors Note: a little Loki imagine. Masterlist ^^^^^ Originally posted by 25bees “That’s not how you should hold your wrist.” Loki spoke, startling Y/n considering she thought she was alone.
    • I read your writings all the time! I’m so happy requests are open! I just curious could I get a Loki Laufeyson x reader? I’m a white blonde female about 5’6” and would wish the situation to be about something about the reader being a pyrokenetic being taken to Asgard to be a trained warrior and yeah! If so thank you so much!”
    • Black double wall exhaust tips
    • Tiku's Masterlist Supernatural Escort Dean x Castiel This is it Sam x reader SPN One Shots Star Trek I Refuse McKirk Joker Random Therapy Time Bucky/Steve, Bones/Jim, Deadshot/Harley; Clint Barton The...
    • Partners (Series) - Detective Loki x Reader IX. WHAT ARE WE?series masterlist O’Malley hands you the drawn maze, the only one recovered from Bob Taylor’s work before turning to Loki with a glare....
    • Apr 30, 2017 · Tony Stark - Masterlist Steve Rogers - Masterlist Natasha Romanoff - Masterlist Maximoff Twins - Masterlist Bruce Banner - Masterlist Sam Wilson - Masterlist Clint Barton - Masterlist Loki - Masterlist Thor - Masterlist Peter Parker - Masterlist T’Challa - Masterlist Unpaired Reader
    • Sick - When the Reader gets sick, Loki has to take care of her. Tattoo of Love - You’re working beside Tony and Bruce at a science fair. While you’re there, Thor and Loki come to visit since they need to talk to Tony. Since the last time Loki had changed into his Jotun form, the lines on his skin staid even when he was back to normal.
    • Read I. Masterlist makeup chapter from the story L . Laufeyson ★ Loki X Reader Oneshots by Eiralaufeyson (Mother Eira) with 2,849 reads. smutimagines, thorodin...
    • Sunflower [Peter Parker x Reader] Run To You [Peter Parker x Reader] Escape (Part 1 / Part 2) [Loki x Reader] Hide and Seek [Steve Rogers x Reader] I Knew You Were Trouble [Tony Stark x Reader] STAR TREK. Originally posted by lovely-trek. Dusk Till Dawn [Leonard McCoy x Reader] Water Under The Bridge [Leonard McCoy x Reader] Summer Wind ...
    • Masterlist. AUTHOR: ASH/AK. Pillow Fight with Obi-Wan and Anakin; Stolen Vest/Dysfunctional Relationship (Han Solo x Reader) The Confession (Han Solo x Reader) The Dream (Luke Skywalker x Reader) Forbidden Feels (Part One) (Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader) Forbidden Feels (Part Two) (Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader) Battle on Geonosis (Obi-Wan Kenobi x Reader)
    • Characters: Loki x Reader. Summary: You discover a new kink of Loki’s during sex. Content Warning: SMUT. Ye be warned. Literally PWP here ya’ll. Word Count: 620 . Author’s Note: Hello lovelies! This was written for @sherrybaby14‘s current prompt challenge. I snagged #7 for Loki which was Praise!kink with Loki.
    • This is a masterlist of all the fanfiction I have written, most often posted both on my tubmlr and archive of our own pages. I mostly have to write a lot of short one-shots / short post for a series because I have carpal tunnel. IT. Richie Tozier x Reader. It Ain’t Me . Cuddle Buddy. Panophobia Series Discontinued. Panophobia - Part One ...
    • Loki X Reader . Word Count: 499. Requested: Anon. Request: Hellooo If you don’t mind, I’d like to request a reader x Loki one shot where they’re dating/he’s just about to ask her out but then someone uses a love potion on the reader.
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    • Dec 31, 2018 · #masterlist #master list #fred weasley x reader #charlie weasley x reader #bill weasley x reader #sirius black x reader #sirius black x oc #james potter x reader #remus lupin x reader #theseus scamander x reader #dean winchester x reader #newt scamander x tina goldstein #steve rogers x reader #jason todd x reader #edmund pevensie x reader # ...
    • Cretan Avoidance: Oneshot (Geralt x Reader) You are a barmaid in one of the many town Geralt and Jaskier pass through on their journeys.You’ve always had you eyes on him, but what happens when a patron can’t take the hint that you are not interested in him… Crescent Shaped Mark: Oneshot ( Dark Clark Kent x Reader) DARK FIC! You were his ...
    • Gimme my cuddles Dimitri alexandre Blaiddyd x Reader . A/n: yes I’m doing FE3H now also! So please send requests for that too! Originally posted by catalogofheroes. Dimitri was burning the midnight oil reading his book, chamomile tea sat upon his bedside as wisps of steam stood just as tall as the flickering flame of the candle burning brightly within the dark crepus of his cobblestone room ...
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Through the Shoulder Genre: Action, fluff Words: 587 “Take another step,” you feel the barrel of the gun poke your temple, “And I’ll blow the brains off of your little friend here.” Masterlist. Pairing:Loki x Male!Reader . Words:396. Requested by:Anon . Request:Hey! Can i request a Loki x male!reader angst where the angst is based on the song Heather by Conan Gray? The 'she' is Sigyn (Loki's wife in the mythology) and the reader watched them together and he is heartbroken.
Glass Masterlist. Originally posted by spindle-berry. Summary: Your best friend, and the Asgardian you fell in love with, Loki, is forcefully engaged to a princess he doesn’t even know. Pairing: LokixAsgardian!Reader. Status: Completed. Glass. A Crack in the Glass. A Second Crack in the Glass. Reflection in the Glass. Cut with Glass ...
Davening in english
Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Loki x BFF!Reader Word Count: 700 Summary: Loki’s at it again, and says the words you dread. << Prev . Series Masterlist . Next >> Loki enjoyed the film, but you thought...
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May 27, 2018 · MARVEL Masterlist MARVEL One/Two-Shots• Smile - Loki x Reader x Thor One-Shot • I’m sorry… - Loki x Reader x Thor One-Shot • Care - Thor x Reader x Loki One-Shot • Story Of My Life - Tony Stark x...

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