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    • Raspberry PI interfaces with K1EL winkeyer usb.
    • This weekend i have new toy kit from HamRadioGadkets.com. This is Pico CW keyer. I hae interested this kit because the size of the total kit and package very small. and good for carry for QRP. So i desire to order this kit.
    • K3NG CW Keyer / CW Decoder . Het afgelopen jaar ben ik door vele Radio-Amateurs benaderd met de vraag of er naast de eerder gepubliceerde aparte CW decoders en de CW Keyboard-Keyer, ook iets gecombineerd zou kunnen worden. Welnu, dat was iets waar ik zelf ook al langer naar uit keek, om een goed ontwerp met “alles in een”te vinden, wat ...
    • Dec 05, 2011 · If you ever see a HAM playing with his CW rig, chances are they’re using an iambic key. It’s great, then, that you can build your own iambic key in five minutes using parts you have lying around.
    • Jul 28, 2017 · Raspberry Pi Raspbian OS blues. ... and acting as a code-reader / keyer for my QRP tranceiver. They far out perform the Arduinos I used to have doing similar tasks ...
    • Several separate windows for CW keyer settings, voice memory, SSB passband settings for both transmit and receive, and filter settings. Slider control or tuning knob control screens are selectable for RF power, CW pitch, RF gain, and SQL and AF level. Rx Voice recording function. View the spectrum scope with the waterfall function.
    • GigaParts.com - The full service computer and amateur radio store.
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    • MX-K2 Auto Memory Key CW Morse Code keyer controller Radio Amplifier new A2TS | Mobile Phones & Communication, Radio Communication Equipment, Parts & Accessories | eBay!
    • MX-K2 CW Auto Memory Key Contoller Morse Code Keyer For Ham Radio Amplifier Command mode:press F1 AND F2 at the same time, you will hear "C",now it is under the mode of command End command mode: press F1 and F2 at same time again, or you can input "D" by pressing the auto key
    • The nanoKeyer is an Arduino Nano based CW Contest Keyer Addon. It was designed specifically for use with the K3NG Arduino keyer open-source firmware adding many features and flexibility. The nanoKeyer is suitable as a standalone keyer or for keying the radio via the USB port by using the K1EL Winkeyer protocol from a connected computer and your ...
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    • QRP Labs. 3,2 d. vind-ik-leuks. QRP Labs designs and produces low power amateur radio kits
    • The Experiment: ATtiny/Arduino Based (Ham Radio) Automatic CW IDer. Build a (Ham) Automatic CW IDer around an Atmel ATtiny85 micro-controller which will automatically Identify the station every 10 minutes. Features: Automatic CW Keyer, ID Reminder LED, PTT LED, PTT Active Input, Audio output level control and power by the radio.
    • Oktober - CW en SSB vergelijking - Opa Vonk: I en Q - MFJ9320 modificatie (B) - Afdelingsnieuws September - Eenvoudige ontvanger voor 40m - FETer - Opa Vonk: Digitale Data Modes - Touch Keyer (B) - Afdelingsnieuws Augustus - Digitalis CW transceiver - Opa Vonk: Ringkernen - Radio Museum De Stove - Afdelingsnieuws
    • A remote morse key A simple DIY project for a remote cw key connected to your Flex Rig (actually it can be any other rig). On the remote side it uses and Arduino Uno board and a cheap HanRun Enc28J60 ethernet shield. On the local side it uses a key (better a keyer) connected to a serial port of your pc.
    • A subreddit for discussing the Raspberry Pi ARM computer and all things related to it. raspberry_pi. join leave2,263,917 readers. 917 users here now.
    • This video demo's using a Raspberry PI 2b and the CWIRC plugin(Xchat plugin) to make a CW KEYER for paddles, or Straight Key by keying a USB SERIAL PORT ADAPTER that is connected directly to the 3 iambic paddle terminals...
    • wireless transmission from the CW KEYER - keying a 555 at 40 Khz - to a wireless LF RF BAND software receiver - demod'N the 40 Khz CW Keyer LF BAND transmitter's CWthe TX and RX antenna are using a high Q , series/parallel resonated FERRITE BOBBIN CORE INDUCTOR COIL - @2mH each - series and parallel resonating capacitors are both .01 uFThe RX COIL connects directly to the PC's LINE INPUT or ...
    • Single paddle CW keyer. more info. Case for Raspberry PI and camera module. more info. Case for remote keyer. more info. Vertical pipe insulator NEW. more info.
    • Raspberry Pi, Ultra PicoKeyer, HiPerMite CW filter - dulcet sidetone for CW QSO'n over the internet→ Download, Listen and View free Raspberry Pi, Ultra PicoKeyer, HiPerMite CW filter - dulcet sidetone for CW QSO'n over the internet MP3, Video and Lyrics
    • Below is my Arduino based CW iambic keyer. I wanted to be able to change my WPM on the fly using a potentiometer. I had some LED 7 segment displays that would be perfect for this application. The issue then becomes how do I not use up all of my IOs… Below is the IC that I used. Microchip Technology MCP23017-E/SP
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    • Radiomallissa on erillinen portti/liitin CW-avainnukselle tai CW-avainnus tapahtuu RS-232-sarjaportin RTS- tai DTR-kontrollilinjalla. Jos haluat käyttää sähkötysavainta erillisen USB-sähkötysavainadapterin kautta. Tähän tarkoitukseen RS-232-kontrollilinjoja käytetään myös USB-liitäntäisissä radioissa, kuten IC-7300.
    • Morse Code Using Raspberry Pi and LED!: This will get you started with the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi, using an API, and, of course, blinking morse code! After you have completed this tutorial, you can for example learn all morse code characters, blink your IP address at startup or bli…
    • Version 2 of Raspberry Pi Ham Radio Image by W3DJS General Ham Radio Applications HamLib - Ham Radio Control Libraries grig - graphical user interface to the Ham Radio Control Libraries CHIRP - Radio Programming Software APRS Message App for JS8Call - GUI to send APRS messages via JS8Call QTel - EchoLink client QSSTV - Slow Scan TV (e.g. "Fax")
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MX-K2 CW Auto Memory Key Contoller Morse Code Keyer For Ham Radio Amplifier Command mode:press F1 AND F2 at the same time, you will hear "C",now it is under the mode of command End command mode: press F1 and F2 at same time again, or you can input "D" by pressing the auto key XIEGU G90 Review, Reverse Engineering the Coax Dipole Antenna, ICOM IC-705 and Raspberry Pi, 160 Meters 4 Square Receive Antenna, 20 Meter Rotatable Dipole Antenna, Constructing and Using Chokes, Ham Radio in Emergency Operations, HyGain TH3JR Improvements, Hy-Gain TH3jr Beam Manual online, 50-70 MHz preamplifier,
Raspberry Pi 3. Motherboard: Raspberry Pi 3 ($35) – includes a 1.2 GHz 64-bit quad-core ARM CPU, Build in WiFi, Ethernet, 4 USB Ports, an HDMI port and audio port (3.5″) and Bluetooth. Also, you will need a power adapter ($10) and Class 10 Micro SD card ($15) for the Raspberry Pi. Ours is a SanDisk Ultra 64GB Micro SD Card. Pi-TFT Touch ...
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The ULTIMATE iambic CW KEYER setup for the Raspberry PI - The AD5DZ software CW Keyer + USB PADDLES. Просмотров: 664нояб. 10, 2018. YouTubeQRQcw. Смотреть видео на YouTube. 2:42. Morse Code Practice Keyer with Alphabet. Просмотры: 7,1 тысянв. 2, 2010.
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Er zijn 2 mogelijkheden: Arduino IDE op Windows, Linux of de Mac (Raspberry PI versie bestaat ook, maar loopt achter), -of- de Webversie ('Arduino Create'). Je moet dan alleen nog een 'plugin' installeren anders werkt de upload naar het Arduino board niet.

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