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    • The spiritual one is not conscious of it, nor happy in it, nor proud of it. It is nothing to him. The one who has honored him has honored himself, since to the baby it is nothing if somebody should speak in favor of him or against him; the baby does not mind, he is ready to smile at both; so is the spiritual soul.
    • Discover Your Spiritual Heart Our Mission Love Serve Remember Foundation is dedicated to preserving and continuing the teachings of Ram Dass and his guru, Neem Karoli Baba.
    • According to Sufism, perfect awareness of the Absolute Reality results in the Sufi's being absolutely unaware of Creation and of his own self; to be more precise, it results in his being aware of the fact In Sufism, however, there seems to be a strong tendency to regard asceticism as highly desirable per se.
    • A spiritual awakening is when the mind opens and becomes aware through immediate proof or belief that there is something "more" out there, beyond the mundane. The topic of spiritual awakening is broad, so lets break it down into the various stages one goes through on this journey of the soul.
    • Sufism as we have seen is a very complex phenomenon. In India, it took root in both the rural and the urban areas. In some cases, the deep impact of Sufism and its popularity among the masses transformed rural region, such as Uch, Nagaur and Sylhet, into a flourishing urban centers.
    • Most of them follow the path of Sulook and start with the purification of the lower spiritual Chakras and then gradually move up to the purification and reintegration of the higher spiritual Chakras. In the Naqshbandi Sufi Order, which is considered to be highly advanced in the science of spiritual centers, this process is reversed.
    • Author: Abu Bakr Siraj Ed-Din (Martin Lings). Symbols, Symbolism of Marriage, Tree of Knowledge and Good and Evil, The Fall, The Narrow Gate, The Lore of Certainty etc.and much more! Title: The Book of Certainty.
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    • Sufi cosmology (Arabic: الكوزمولوجية الصوفية ‎) is a general term for cosmological doctrines associated with the mysticism or Sufism.These may differ from place to place, order to order and time to time, but overall show the influence of several different cosmographies such as the Quran's testament concerning God and immaterial beings, the soul and the afterlife, the ...
    • May 30, 2018 · For the past few days, I have been on an Abida Parveen trip. These phases recur at regular intervals, and are often triggered by one song, followed by many others. This time, the piece was ‘Yeh ...
    • Sep 11, 2017 · His seven “stages of Man” seem to have been borrowed (with modifications) from the seven levels of selfhood in Sufism. Again, Gurdjieff’s assertion that ordinary consciousness is a form of sleep is almost directly a quote from the Prophet: “Human beings are asleep, they wake up when they die.”
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    • "Sufism and Christianity are joined at the heart — perhaps literally, and certainly spiritually and symbolically. They are kindred pathways of transfiguration through love. Both traditions picture the spiritual journey with the same core metaphor: as a cosmic love song that begins in exile and ends in divine intimacy," writes Cynthia ...
    • Author: Abu Bakr Siraj Ed-Din (Martin Lings). Symbols, Symbolism of Marriage, Tree of Knowledge and Good and Evil, The Fall, The Narrow Gate, The Lore of Certainty etc.and much more! Title: The Book of Certainty.
    • About the School of Sufi Teaching : The School of Sufi Teaching is a branch of the Institute of Search for Truth and was founded in New Delhi, India in 1975 by Hazrat Azad Rasool (r.a.). At that time Shaykh Hazrat Azad Rasool (r.a.) noticed the numbers of people from the West visiting India in a quest for spiritual advancement.
    • Spiritual Heart — Religion of Unity. Spiritual Work with Children. Sexology. Atlantis and the Atlanteans. Pythagoras and His School. The New Upanishad. Structure and Cognition of the Absolute. On the Other Side of the Material World. Book of the Warrior of the Spirit. Parables of Lao Tse. Divine Parables. Dialogues with Pythagoras. Lessons of ...
    • The term spiritual intelligence and spiritual quotient is mostly attributed to Danah Zohar and Ian Marshall based on their pioneering book. Three aspects of spirituality. Responsibility. You might have asked yourself what is your purpose in life or who are you responsible for.
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    • Sufism (Arabic tasawwuf) deals mainly with mental, spiritual and philosophical aspects of Islam, the essence of which is to establish a direct relationship with Allah by purifying the soul. Opinions vary regarding the etymology of the word tasawwuf.
    • Beyond the physical causes of this complex disorder, there are many spiritual components to be considered. Spiritual success is measured in the degree to which love manifests. See birth abnormalities, karma, reincarnation.
    • The sufism attitudes and ways of Shaykh Iḥsān in the journey were as if dealing with a sufi group which had philosophical pattern. Additionally, Shaykh Iḥsān Jampes in Sirāj al-Ṭālibīn reviewed the sufistic core stages which are called maqāmāt by many sufis, but Shaykh Iḥsān calls them steep road (‘aqabah) consisting of seven ...
    • All stages of the spiritual alchemy’s transformation is about breaking down various base aspects of one’s character that stand in the way of the realization of our ingrained and higher nature. Thus, solve et coagula means developing our ability to clearly perceive our limiting characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors.
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    • The biographical facts of al-Haddad's life are interspersed with 35 black and white photographs and ruminations on his spiritual teachings, including his take on the "nine stages of certainty," the five investitures of taqwa, the stages of gnosis, and karamat and super natural events. Sufi practitioners, historians, and anthropologists will ...
    • Dec 23, 2020 · This is known as fanaa (annihilation). Apart from saying Sufi prayers, that vary according to different orders, you should be humble, considerate, and only act in order to control your desires. After fanaa is achieved, the you are reborn to live with, in, through and for God, ( baqaa, permanency).
    • It is a sort of mental, yet real, death. The man of the ‘’Way’’ experiences it freely; it is the final passage which leads to the summit of the Stages. It liberates man from all contingency outside of his spiritual quest; his ultimate aim is the Truth. Three degrees may be distinguished here: fanâ' of acts, attributes and essence.
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Dec 01, 2017 · Sufism – flipped learning . My own version of the origin of Sufism. The Principal Teachings of the Sufis. How Sufism relates to the rest of Islam understood it is necessary to take into consideration the stages of the spiritual path (sayr wa sulûk). Although there are various ways of describing and explaining the way toward union with God in Sufism, these can be summarized in three main stages: The first is that of contraction (qabd). In it a certain aspect of the human soul must die; this stage is
Sufi spiritual techniiques. (Translated by J.G. Bennett, originally published in "Systematics" January 1970). These were probably first introduced from India, but applied by the Sufis in a very different way from the Prânayama techniques used by Indian Yogis insofar as the latter ha ve been...
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8. At all times to remember the spiritual guide (pir) and the spiritual guides of the order (silsila) and to constantly focus one’s attention and heart towards their remembrance. 9. The place chosen for the chilla should be isolated, small, not very open and with very little light. 10.
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Spiritual stages in sufism

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Sufism is known in Arabic as 'Tasawwuf' or Islamic Mysticism. A Sufi is a mystic that is a person who strives towards intimate knowledge or communion with God; through contemplation, meditation and or "inner-vision." Sufism or tasawwuf is the inner, mystical, or psycho-spiritual dimension of Islam.

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