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    • The author describes Bella's life as a clown in the circus. The author describes Bella's decision to use Newton's first law of motion. The author describes Bella's circus act of riding a motorcycle on a wire. It can be inferred from the passage that
    • Jan 06, 2014 · “The author’s primary purpose in this passage is . . .” “The passage is mainly concerned with. . .” “The best title for this passage would be . . .” “The author’s discussion of … is primarily intended to explain . . .” “Which of the following most completely and accurately describes the passage . . .”
    • How many eating competitions does Major League Eating host each year? A. fewer than 50 . B. about 80 . C. nearly 100 . D. more than 100 . 2. The passage shows two sides of this debate: Should competitive eating contests be banned? According to the passage, which one of these people is in favor of banning competitive eating contests? A. Joey ...
    • Questions: Branching Out 6.As described in this passage, what are some people doing to celebrate Constitution Week? 7.How does the Constitution put limits on the power of the government?
    • How does the author organize the information in this passage? A The author describes a problem and several possible solutions. B The author defines several different terms. C The author describes an argument and then presents evidence to support both sides. D The author gives evidence to support his opinion but ignores other opinions. 3. Read ...
    • READING COMPREHENSION PRACTICE TEST 2 Page 4 of 9 3. The author of the passage uses the phrase “endless, apparently irrelevant” (paragraph 1, sentence 5) in order to a. Show how some instructors give students too much work without any breaks b. Show why classes need to be more fun and playful
    • 1. Describe the characters in the story. 2. Describe how you think the main character feels in the beginning of the story. Describe the main character’s feelings at the end of the story. 3. Explain the main idea of the story by retelling it in your own words. 4. Summarize the main facts in the story and discuss how they relate to the
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    • Nowhere in the passage, author has supported the idea of the government helping people to evacuate their cities. 3)b Nebulous – Vague Iridescent – bright, lustrous, colourful 4)d Spurious – false, not authentic, fake 5)d In the passage the author has clearly pointed towards loopholes in governance with respect to tackling cyber world.
    • to describe the genre of this novel: comic, psychological, fantasy, mystery, realistic fiction, ... impression does the author give in this passage of
    • Oct 16, 2019 · This is a 22-question quiz based on a long passage. It is modelled after the SAT Reasoning Test: SAT Critical Reading Section. Take your time. Read the questions carefully and answer. So, let's try out the quiz. All the best!
    • 2017 ap statistics free response scoring guidelines
    • 106. Where in the passage does the author describe what astronauts will see during a complete lunar eclipse? (A) lines 21-23 (B) lines 18-20 (C) lines 15-17 (D) lines 13-14 Answer: 107. The word simultaneously in line 14 could best be replaced by which of the following? (A) all the same (B) all in all (C) all at once (D) all the time Answer: 108.
    • Passage B works as a description of how to solve the problem analyzed in Passage A. a) Quite the opposite. Passage B describes the best way to approach Passage A. b) Passage B supports Passage A, not the opposite. c) This is the correct answer. d) This should be the other way around—the example in Passage A illustrates the need for parallel
    • What does the author mostly describe in the passage? A how beavers build their homes in the wetlands B the beaver-watching tours Coco leads C why the water conditions in Tadoussac are perfect for whale watching D the biodiversity of Tadoussac’s forests 3. The author states that “Coco knows the wetlands around the hostel as though they
    • How does the author describe the terrain that Lewis and Clark explored? A enormous, unfamiliar, mountainous B unpopulated, open, grassy C small, hilly, temperate D dry, settled, dotted with lakes 3. Lewis and Clark needed help to explore the new, uncharted territory. What evidence from the passage supports this statement?
    • May 02, 2018 · The words an author uses to describe give the reader a sense of the author’s attitude. The tone can also set the mood for the main idea and can be helpful when trying to figure out what a text is trying to relay.
    • 3) Based on information in the passage, which sentence is false? A. Starfish are hard to catch. B. Crabs eat shrimp and ocean plants. C. Seagulls move quickly on the sand and in the air. 4) The passage does not talk about A. what starfish eat B. how crabs catch food C. how fast beach animals move 5) According to the passage, seagulls I. live on ...
    • Further, the author appears to be rather objective, avoiding ad hominem attacks, slurs, etc. and instead relying of quotations from Gorbachev himself. Given the passage's emphasis on describing the roots of perestroika and its consequences, "primarily analytical" describes the passage's tone. The passage does not criticize Gorbachev.
    • PASSAGE 8 (Questions 1-5) In the past, the richest states often grew the fastest and the poor ones the slowest. But India's record GDP growth of 8.49% per year in the 5 year period 2004-09 is a case of improved productivity and growth in customarily poor states trickling up and aggregating into rapid growth at the national level.
    • What the author feels about the subject is often defined as the tone. What the reader feels is known as the mood. [Suggested reading: 140 Words To Describe Mood In Fiction] Tip: Don’t confuse tone with voice. Voice can be explained as the author’s personality expressed in writing. Tone = Attitude. Voice = Personality.
    • Mars Reading Comprehension Worksheet Answer Key Item 3014 www.tlsbooks.com Mars Mars is named after the Roman god of war. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and is about half the size of Earth. It is a dry, dusty, rocky planet where the soil appears reddish brown because it contains iron oxide, or rust.
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    • How does the author organize the information in this passage? A. The author explains a problem and suggests many different solutions. B. The author describes the causes and effects of an event. C. The author lists information about a topic in order of importance, from most to least important. D. The author examines both sides of an issue and offers
    • What does the author describe in the passage? A the species of insects the Venus flytrap eats B plants that are similar to the Venus flytrap C the swampy regions of North and South Carolina D how the Venus flytrap catches and eats its prey 3. The trap of the Venus flytrap may not last long. What evidence from the passage supports this conclusion?
    • I can understand the problem that you are facing, since I went through the same thing when I was preparing for GRE. I mostly relied on Manhattan Prep since it has a very comprehensive RC section, in which the passages are quite difficult and confu...
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B is the best answer. In the first paragraph, the author describes the considerations relevant to a union’s attempt to organize a certain group of clerical workers prior to 1975. In lines 2-3, the author notes the fact that most of these clerical workers were women, but does not suggest that this was an important consideration for unionizers. The Reading Comprehension section of the LSAT contains four sets of reading questions, each set consisting of a selection of reading material followed by five to eight questions. The reading selection in three of the four sets consists of a single reading passage; the other set contains two related shorter passages.
Today I’m sharing a free sample from my bundle of reading comprehension passages about famous people. I’m sharing the mid-level reading passage about Abraham Lincoln (with a response sheet). Before I asked my Seven (a mid-year second grader) to read the passage, I shared a picture of the Lincoln Memorial that I’d found online.
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May 23, 2016 · Reading Comprehension 13 Seismologists have devised two scales of measurement to enable them to describe and record information about earthquakes in quantitative terms. The most widely known measurement is the Richter scale, a numerical logarithmic scale developed and introduced by American seismologist Charles R. Richter in 1935.
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Author Jennifer S. Ray, PhD, C-SLT Posted on July 6, 2018 July 14, 2018 Categories Reading Brain Connections Tags reading comprehension, summer reading Development of Reading Connections in the Brain Translating written language into meaning or the process of reading is like completing a dot to dot picture.

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