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    • By 1840, the factories in Lowell employed at some estimates more than 8,000 textile workers, commonly known as mill girls or factory girls. These "operatives"—so-called because they operated the looms and other machinery—were primarily women and children from farming backgrounds.
    • The Triangle Company, however, refused to sign and was under no obligation to abide by established safety rules. On March 25, 1911, around 4:30pm, fire broke out on the 8th floor. Most on that floor and the executives on the 10th floor were able to escape, but workers on the 9th floor, who had not been alerted to the fire, found themselves trapped.
    • Mar 22, 2014 · 12 Responses to “Identifying the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire victims” Victorian Sculptures Says: March 23, 2014 at 7:47 pm | Reply. The thing is, the owners of the Triangle shirtwaist company got off with little more than a slap on the wrist, and they opened up a new factory soon after uptown and did the SAME things they did here- locking the exit doors!
    • Jan 02, 2013 · New York City's Fire Chief told the investigators that his department had identified more than 200 factories where conditions made a fire like that at the Triangle Factory possible. The State Commissions's reports helped modernize the state's labor laws, making New York State one of the most progressive states in terms of labor reform.
    • Sep 04, 2017 · in 1911, the triangle shirtways factory in new york caught fire and 146 workers died 37 mostly women and immigrants. this was one of the deadliest industrial disasters in the united states. members of the remember the triangle fire coalition spoke about the event's history, memory, and relevance to today. it's an hour and 15 minutes. >> welcome ...
    • In 1911, a fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City took the lives of 146 workers, most of them young immigrant women and girls. Their deaths galvanized a movement for social and economic justice then, but today’s laborers continue to battle dire working conditions.
    • We think he was very lucky to get work, with all the unemployment round here and the number of people who've been 3) laid offbecause of the weak economy. Mr Brown, his boss, has said that if Tom works hard and does a good job, he'll give him a permanent job at the end of the year.
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    • Standing in Solidarity with Today’s “Triangle Workers” On March 25, 1911, a fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist factory in New York City killed 146 workers, most of them young Italian and Jewish immigrant women and girls. The tragedy of their deaths was entirely preventable. A few safety measures would have saved lives.
    • Mar 21, 2016 · You were watched every minute of the day by the foreman, forelady.” The girls started work at 7:30 in the morning and were given a single half hour for lunch. Another employee of the Triangle factory described their conditions as “unsanitary – that’s the word that is generally used, but there ought to be a worse one used. Whenever we tear or damage any of the goods we sew on, or whenever it is found damaged after we are through with it, whether we have done it or not, we are charged ...
    • The hours were long (9-10 hours per day), the work monotonous, the pay low - in short, the Triangle Shirtwaist Company epitomized the "Sweatshop." On Saturday March 25, 1911 disaster struck. As the women approached the end of their workday, a small fire started in the cutting room on the eighth floor.
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    • Saturday March 25,1911, began as a typical day at the Triangle Factory, which occupied the top three floors of the modern Asch Building on the corner of Washington Place and Greene Street in New York City's fashionable Greenwich Village. Constructed in 1900, the Asch Building was thoroughly modern in design and safety.
    • Mar 25, 2011 · The panicked workers tried to flee from the blaze, but encountered locked doors, broken fire escapes, and empty elevator shafts. Of the 146 workers who died that day, 62 of them were driven by the growing flames to the windows, and jumped to their deaths on the streets below. Another 84 workers died inside the factory, unable to escape the flames.
    • Triangle is a poignantly detailed account of the 1911 disaster that horrified the country and changed the course of twentieth-century politics and labor relations. On March 25, 1911, as workers were getting ready to leave for the day, a fire broke out in the Triangle shirtwaist factory in New York’s Greenwich Village.
    • The large companies, like the Triangle factory owners, resisted and were able to get workers to return to work with some improvements but rejected closed shops and collective bargaining. Thus, the women returned to work in unsafe factories without a voice on the job and the power to stand up to management.
    • Mar 08, 2017 · Butbfter the infamous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911 exposed the struggle of American garment workers, as Smithsonian has written about before, that cause became emblematic of Women’s Day.
    • The early 20th century was marked by growth in communication, mechanization, science and transportation supporting American industrial expansion. While corporate leaders capitalized on industrial and ...
    • Dec 22, 2015 · New York State will erect a $1.5 million memorial to the victims of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire, one of the worst industrial disasters in U.S. history which killed 146 people, mostly ...
    • The Factory was a legitimate business but the owners, Max Blanck and Isaac Harris, ran it much like a sweat shop. Most of the factories 500 employees were young immigrant women who worked nine hour days on weekdays and seven hour days on Saturdays.
    • They are attacking overtime wages after 40 hours worked and the like. Unions have fought to improve the quality of life for union and non-union workers on each one of these issues. And yet even as we continue to fight, history is repeating its self again. It is up to each worker, every day, to honor the sacrifice that the Triangle Factory
    • Mar 21, 2019 · More than a century ago, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City was a notoriously anti-union company and the focus of several job actions and union organizing. This sweatshop was a death trap. On March 25, 1911, a horrific fire broke out there. Doors were blocked and fire escape exits
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    • Mar 25, 2011 · One hundred years ago today, 146 workers at the Triangle Waist Factory in Greenwich Village were killed in a fire that changed history. Few details of their lives are known, and some of their descendants snatch at scraps of information or try to read clues to biography and character in a sepia-toned photograph that has been passed down to them.
    • Jun 13, 2016 · Triangle Shirtwaist Factory on fire, March 25, 1911. Several newspapers capitalized on the irony of the disaster. In 1909, many of the women who were killed in the fire were the same ones who had marched in the protests at the Triangle factory. They were simply demanding shorter hours, better wages and safer working conditions.
    • May 30, 2015 · Perhaps one of the most well known events regarding the shirtwaist was the 1911 Triangle Factory fire in New York City. Shirtwaists were very popular and cheap to manufacture. Mail order catalogues as well as clothing stores all sold shirtwaists.
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Mar 25, 2010 · As was the case with Triangle Shirtwaist on the 25th of March, 1911, factory owners often locked the building’s doors to prevent theft and to keep workers from taking breaks. The fire that spread just before closing that day, killing 146 who either burned in the building or jumped from the top floors of the twelve-story building to escape the ... Perched on the upper floors of the prestigious Asch building, Triangle Shirtwaist was just one of countless factories crammed into Manhattan’s booming garment district. Every day, hundreds of young idealistic Jewish girls fleeing Russia’s pogroms arrived on New York’s docks, to be subsumed by the industry or commandeered for prostitution. [3]
Mar 25, 2011 · On this day in 1911, New Yorkers watched in horror as young women and children leaped from the upper floors of a garment sweatshop engulfed in flames.Just east of Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was located on the upper floors of a commercial building and was run by Max Blanck and Isaac Harris.
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Sep 30, 2014 · The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: The History and Legacy of New York City’s Deadliest Industrial Disaster eBook: Charles River Editors: Amazon.com.au: Kindle Store
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What was a typical day like for workers at the triangle factory_

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With little representation, education, or options, factory workers also tended to work in horrible working conditions to go along with the bad hours. Noam Chomsky (2013) "What is Anarchism?"

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