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    • Organic chemistry is important because it is the study of life and all the chemical reactions linked to life. Several careers apply an understanding of organic chemistry, such as doctors, veterinarians, dentists, pharmacologists, chemical engineers and chemists.
    • Oct 12, 2010 · Why is MLK Important? October 12, 2010, Hari M, Leave a comment. Why is MLK Important? Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) was an important person among the people involved in fighting for American civil rights. Martin Luther King Jr. was born in 1929 on January 15th. Racial discrimination was considered legal before 1960s in America.
    • Dec 14, 2020 · Curiosity is an important trait of a genius. I don’t think you can find an intellectual giant who is not a curious person. Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, they are all curious characters. Richard Feynman was especially known for his adventures which came from ...
    • Aug 28, 2020 · This is why quantum mechanics has to be mastered as part of learning theoretical chemistry. We know that all molecules are made of atoms that, in turn, contain nuclei and electrons. As I discuss in this Chapter, the equations that govern the motions of electrons and of nuclei are not the familiar Newton equations
    • Download Free solutions of NCERT 12th-chemistry Class 11th from SaralStudy. SaralStudy helps in prepare for NCERT CBSE solutions for Class 11th 12th-chemistry. was last updated on 2nd January 2021
    • Chemistry is important to society because, It lets us understand the building blocks of all matter, the molecules. Also helps us to know the structure, composition, and properties of substances. It aids in learning Earth, food, materials, human body and energy.
    • Why is organic chemistry important to studying living organisms? (It is important because living organisms are carbon-based, meaning that they are made of organic compounds.) What are some examples of organic compounds given in the article? (Examples include petroleum, plastics, vitamins, sugar, and gasoline.)
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    • Contents1 Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry – ORGANIC COMPOUNDS CONTAINING NITROGEN (AMINES)1.1 PREVIOUS YEARS QUESTIONS1.1.1 2015 – Short Answer Type Questions [I] [2 Marks]1.2 Short Answer Type Questions [II] [3 Marks]1.3 Long Answer Type Questions [5 Marks]1.4 2014 – Very Short Answer Type Questions [1 Mark]1.5 Short Answer Type Question [I][2 Marks]1.6 Short […]
    • Chemistry is often referred to as the “central science” because it connects the physical, life, and applied sciences. A Bachelor of Science in chemistry or biochemistry provides you with a degree that can take you anywhere you want to go.
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    • Mar 20, 2007 · Chemoecology, is an important field for the evaluation of new and important impacts. It can help to show, in a scientific manner, where the weaknesses and strengths of different systems lie.
    • The History of Chemistry. The earliest record of man's interest in chemistry was approximately 3,000 B.C, in the fertile crescent. At that time, chemistry was more an art than a science. Tablets record the first known chemists as women who manufactured perfumes from various substances.
    • It is also important to bring into consideration that iron working techniques were kept closely guarded secrets as this factor may influence the period it took for the Africans to be able to require the technique. Iron artefacts found in the field are often the basic evidence of iron production in the archaeological records.
    • Biology, physics, and even astronomy all have chemistry roots, and this is exactly why learning chemistry helps so many non-chemists be better scientists in their own field. Learning Outcomes
    • Apr 28, 2010 · see organic chemistry is the chemistry where u deal with organic (Carbon containing ) compounds and the job of the pharmacist is from manufacturing to dispensing of a drug. The human body is made up of various organic compounds and a pharmacist has to be involved into it to understand the body's reaction to a drug. This is pharmacology.
    • Two important examples of such mixed disaccharides will be displayed above by clicking on the diagram. Lactose, also known as milk sugar, is a galactose-glucose compound joined as a beta-glycoside. Lactose, also known as milk sugar, is a galactose-glucose compound joined as a beta-glycoside.
    • Apr 28, 2010 · see organic chemistry is the chemistry where u deal with organic (Carbon containing ) compounds and the job of the pharmacist is from manufacturing to dispensing of a drug. The human body is made up of various organic compounds and a pharmacist has to be involved into it to understand the body's reaction to a drug. This is pharmacology.
    • Note: GH, KH and pH form the Bermuda's Triangle of water chemistry. Although the three properties are distinct, they all interact with each other to varying degrees, making it difficult to adjust one without impacting the other. That is one reason why beginning aquarists are advised NOT to tamper with these parameters unless absolutely ...
    • Nov 07, 2012 · Why do you think chemistry is important? Chemistry is an incredibly fascinating field of study. Because it is so fundamental to our world, chemistry plays a role in everyone's lives and touches almost every aspect of our existence in some way.
    • We explain why chemistry is so important, from its presence in our daily lives to new scientific discoveries. Our academic staff are at the forefront of adva...
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    • Apr 30, 2013 · Chemistry is becoming a more important subject to those going into the medical field. Chemists are working to make various medicines available for various sicknesses. Chemists work hard to find new medicines to treat current and new diseases, to create the desired effect without undesirable side effects, to improve current medicines, and much more.
    • It is important to know how certain chemical react and common chemistry knowledge is important because CSI investigators have to use certain chemicals to lift fingerprints, study bodies, and it is ...
    • Nov 10, 2004 · Since the chemical quality of water is important to the health of humans as well as the plants and animals that live in and around streams, it is necessary to assess the chemical attributes of water. Photo: Professor Ken Rastall using YSI 3800 Water Quality Logger to measure several chemical parameters of stream water quality at once.
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For its part, pure chemistry is the science that deals with the organic and inorganic matter of the universe and the changes that this matter undergoes. It is often called the central science, because most of the phenomena that occur around imply a change of chemical nature. Dec 29, 2009 · I'm not saying this is a dumb question, but it is extremely easy to answer. Chemistry is about the composition of everything; what everything is made of. Atoms, ions or subatomic particles make up...
Chemistry as a subject has a significant importance in our daily lives and the society in general. Everything on the earth is made of chemicals. Chemistry helps us understand how items around us are made e. g cooking gas. In our daily life, we fall sick and consequently need drugs which are made by scientists through chemistry.
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Water is Important to Daily Life • Quality drinking water is important to our health and well-being. • We use water daily throughout our homes for cooking, cleaning, bathing, laundry and a host of other purposes. • Water is critical to most items we purchase and consume in one way or another. • Some interesting facts:
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Jul 08, 2018 · Chemistry is about looks and body type, but it’s more of a gestalt thing. A person with moderately good looks can be irresistibly attractive if he/she has a great personality.

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